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Creating and Enhancing Opportunities for People with Disabilities.


Looking for an Australian disability services provider in Sydney to support you or the people you care for?

At Enhance Disability Services, we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality of care—and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

We know how challenging it can be to navigate the disability sector and the medical system—especially when you have complex needs. That’s why it’s our goal at Enhance Disability Services to make sure you or your loved one feels safe and supported.

Whether you’re looking for disability support services, supported independent living, or specialist disability accommodation, our Sydney-based team has the expertise, compassion and lived experience to make a real difference in your life.

We go above and beyond for our clients—and we see them as people, not a number.

We know what it’s like to search for the right disability services and accommodation where you can know you or your loved one will be looked after and supported.

We think about our client’s quality of life. We work with them to make goals, and help them achieve them. And we help lighten the load of medical admin and system navigation.

If you choose to use our supported independent living (SIL)—or specialist disability accommodation (SDA)—we can make sure your loved one is looked after.
Or, if you’re in Sydney, our support workers can come to you and assist you from the comfort of your own home. Because even if someone has complex needs, they’re still a part of the family.

We’re on this journey together. And because we’re a small business—and intend on staying that way—we can give the personalised care to help you or your loved one thrive.

What disability services we provide in Sydney, NSW

We provide our support services to people of all ages and disabilities living in the community. We are also building state-of-the-art specialist disability accommodations (SDA) in Sydney, NSW to cater for people with robust and high physical needs.

Accommodation/Tenancy (High 0104)

We can also help with school leaver employment support by assisting young people in acquiring the knowledge, abilities, and credentials necessary

Assist Personal Activities (0107)

We can help support you to go about your day-to-day life: Support with personal care including: Showering and dressing Menu planning,

Assist Life Stage, Transition (0106)

We are aware that moving into a new stage of life may be difficult for anyone, but it can be especially difficult if you have a disability.

Assist Travel & Transport (0108)

The ability to get around is crucial to daily living. You might need it to commute to work, your place of study, your doctor’s appointment.

Home Modification (0111)

Home changes are necessary to make dwellings safer and better suited to a person’s existing ability. While it may seem like an impressive effort, the full home renovation procedure.

Community Nursing Care (0114)

Our therapists have all the equipment they need to carry out in home treatments of any type. Our clinic is equipped with specialised equipment.

Daily Tasks/Shared Living (0115)

Home care allows you to live independently by supporting you with daily household tasks and personal tasks such as showering, dressing..

Community Participation (0125)

Each service is customized to the participant and their goals in order for them to benefit the most from it and can anticipate assistance.

Development - Life Skills (0117)

Development of Daily Living and Life Skills is a service that promotes individual growth, fosters independence, and broadens 

Early Childhood Supports (0118)

Early childhood intervention has been developed as a first point of call for families and aims to support and help children and their families.

Household Tasks (0120)

In addition to Smithfield, Davoren Park, Prospect, Gawler, North Adelaide, South Adelaide, and other regions of Adelaide, we also offer NDIS support in other parts of South Australia.

Participate Community (0116)

Our goal is to instill in participants the self-assurance they need to make friends and expand their social networks. Our events are created

Therapeutic Supports (0128)

Many participants’ NDIS plans include money for therapeutic supports offered by the NDIS. The phrase “therapeutic supports” refers to a broad range of therapies intended to help NDIS.

Group/Centre Activities (0136)

Living a happy and healthy life requires socialization. Rarely do people with impairments get the chance to socialize. The Advanced Care staff can fix this problem through center.

Why Choose Us


The NDIS can be a confusing system to navigate, meaning some families don’t know what they’re entitled to under their plan. For instance, many families aren’t aware that you can receive funding for, 

  • Transport
  • Consumables
  • Assistance with Social & Community Participation
  • Assistive Technology
  • Home Modifications
  • Coordination of Supports
  • Improved Living Arrangements
  • Increased Social and Community Participation

We unpack the terminology used in your NDIS plan in simple terms so that you know exactly what you’re entitled to.


Parents, carers and “you” are treated with respect and care, You are fully involved in the decision-making process around your needs, goals and treatment. 


We keep working with you or your loved one to reach their goals and are satisfied with the outcomes we’ve achieved together to maximise your independence.