Accommodation/ Tenancy (High 0104)

We can also help with school leaver employment support by assisting young people in acquiring the knowledge, abilities, and credentials necessary to make the move to the workforce.
For job searchers, enhance provides specialized support for job preparedness. Our employment consultants provide tailored assistance, making sure that each client gets support that is suitable, efficient, and powerful. Both employers and job seekers are free to use the services, which are financed by the Australian government.
We can work with you to help you find and keep a job if you’re seeking for employment or opportunities to develop your skills and become ready for employment.

Assist Personal Activities (0107)

We can help support you to go about your day-to-day life: Support with personal care including: Showering and dressing Menu planning, shopping and cooking General personal banking (budget planning) Management of written communication Arranging and attending medical visits Medication Management Co-ordination of other supports e.g. cleaning.

Assist Life Stage, Transition (0106)

We are aware that moving into a new stage of life may be difficult for anyone, but it can be especially difficult if you have a disability. At Enhance, we are experts at guiding NDIS participants through changes in life stages. A person’s life is marked by a number of transitional moments, such as entering school, moving away from home, landing their first job, or retiring from the workforce. A prepared strategy that considers individual capabilities, needs, and goals can help you at each of these stages of life. We can guide you through life’s transitions and on to accomplishing your goals with the right planning and networking.

· Support Connection and coordination
· Assistance with accommodation, tenacy obligations
· Mentoring, peer support
· Individual skill develpment
· Assistance with decision making and planning

Assist Travel & Transport (0108)

The ability to get around is crucial to daily living. You might need it to commute to work, your place of study, your doctor’s appointment, run errands on a daily basis, and basically navigate around the neighborhood. We provide the required transportation support so that individuals can engage in daily activities and communal, social, and economic activities.
Our goal is to accompany you on your journey rather than just get you from point A to point B. Our support staff members can provide assistance so that our participants can travel freely by instructing and counseling them on how to use public transportation properly to make their journey simple and relaxing.

One of our skilled support staff members can travel with you on trains, buses, and other modes of transportation, or we can arrange for safe, pleasant transportation for you in one of our disability vehicles with a licensed, well-trained driver.
• A school or other place of learning
Work, doctor’s appointments, and other medical procedures
• The neighborhood shopping mall
• In your neighborhood
With NDIS, you have the freedom to select the services and the manner in which they are delivered that best meet your needs and your objectives. They can be customized to meet your needs and modified as they evolve.

Home Modification (0111)

Home changes are necessary to make dwellings safer and better suited to a person’s existing ability. While it may seem like an impressive effort, the full home renovation procedure can be difficult without assistance from the government or other organizations. Additionally, it can become very expensive if not addressed properly.
Finding providers for house modifications may be quite difficult because there are rules and regulations that must be followed for the modifications to be deemed legal and safe, which only serves to make the situation worse.

Community Nursing Care (0114)

Our therapists have all the equipment they need to carry out in home treatments of any type. Whether it be:
​• Aged care and disability services;
• Sporting Injuries;
• Acute painful episodes of spinal, neck and back;
• Fracture and Splinting management;
• General sprains, strains and dysfunctions;
• Motor vehicle injuries;
• And much more.
​Our clinic is equipped with specialised equipment that is specifically designed to assist people who suffer from a physical disability.

Daily Tasks/Shared Living (0115)

Home care allows you to live independently by supporting you with daily household tasks and personal tasks such as:
• Showering
• Dressing
• Toileting support
• Assistance with medication
• Preparation of food and meals
• Other light household tasks (vacuuming, mopping, cleaning, dishes, changing bedding and other basic chores around house)
• Garden Maintenance – Keeping your garden well maintained is important for your comfort and also your safety. We can help with lawn mowing, gardening, gutter cleaning and keeping outdoor spaces swept and free from dirt so you can enjoy your outdoor space and keep it looking its best.

Our support workers are carefully selected to make a positive difference to each individual participant’s day.
We know how important it is for our participants to be included as part of the community and to partake in daily life and socialising. Our support workers are ready to assist with:
• Visiting friends and meeting new friends
• Attending a group outing or community event
• Starting a new hobby
• Attending a family get together
Participants and their family can feel comfortable knowing that our support workers will be alongside them and assisting them while they enjoy this much needed aspect of their daily lives.

Community Participation (0125)

Each service is customized to the participant and their goals in order for them to benefit the most from it.
Participants who attend this program can anticipate assistance with:
• The importance of community engagement, social contribution and relationships in maintaining personal wellbeing
• Self-awareness and self-care
• Gaining awareness of personal interests, skillsets and passions and linking these to employment pathways
• Emotional awareness and self-regulation
• Adaptive social competency including increased awareness of social norms and expectations
• Their relationship with their disability, independence, confidence and self-worth
• Navigating systems and programs to successfully participate in their community and employment pathway
• Preparation and support to access training and employment opportunities
• Capacity building for seeking assistance in the community context without ongoing formalised supports

Development - Life Skills (0117)

Development of Daily Living and Life Skills is a service that promotes individual growth, fosters independence, and broadens participation options in society. People can work on mastering public transportation, acquiring social skills, and doing everyday tasks.

At Enhance, we can help you learn the practical skills you need to live independently and with greater control. For persons with disabilities to develop daily skills, we offer information, tools, support, and inspiration. To learn more, contact our staff right away.

Examples of Life Skills Activities
· Personal hygiene
· Health and wellbeing
· Household management
· Travel training
· Communication

Early Childhood Supports (0118)

The ECEI approach is for children aged 0-6 years who have an early childhood disability or developmental delay and are not receiving disability supports already.

Early childhood intervention has been developed as a first point of call for families and aims to support and help children and their families develop the skills they need to take part in daily activities and achieve their ongoing goals.

Our Early Intervention Program team consists of professional therapists including: Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologist, Speech Pathologists and Educators.

SPECIALISED DISABILITY ACCOMODATION ONLY Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) are innovative homes specially built for people with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. The homes are designed to support people with disability to live a more independent lifestyle while accessing high-quality support from their home. SDA housing is accessible to National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants that have SDA funding in their NDIS plan.

Based on what you’re looking for, whether it be living alone or with others, we’ll match you to the best accommodation that meets your needs.

Household Tasks (0120)

In addition to Smithfield, Davoren Park, Prospect, Gawler, North Adelaide, South Adelaide, and other regions of Adelaide, we also offer NDIS support in other parts of South Australia.

There isn’t a day that goes by when your home doesn’t require some attention. You’ll have the help you need to keep your home in good condition with NDIS household task services, whether it’s for cleaning, washing, cooking, yard work, or general maintenance. We’re here to help you with daily tasks and promote your freedom in day-to-day life through the expertise and friendliness of our team of professionals.

A key factor in maintaining happiness and general wellbeing is having a clean and well organised home. The NDIS household tasks category provides you with support from experienced NDIS providers in a range of domestic chores and household activities.

Our trained support workers will be by your side to assist with all types of essential domestic chores at whichever level you require. This kind of support is designed to facilitate your daily independence, while also helping you to build the skills needed to carry out a range of household activities – all provided in the comfort of your own home.

Our experienced support workers can assist with a range of household tasks all throughout your home, including:

  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Dish washing
  • Changing bed linen
  • Vacuuming and washing floors
  • Dusting
  • Essential ironing
  • Meal preparation
  • General house maintenance

Whether you need physical assistance with these tasks, or simply someone to supervise as you build on your own skills and independence, NDIS household tasks will give you added support in daily life and empower you to live more autonomously each and every day.

Participate Community (0116)

Our goal is to instill in participants the self-assurance they need to make friends and expand their social networks. Our events are created to not only amuse, but also to help our participants and the larger community form deep connections.

Don’t let fear stop you from enjoying your life

Keep in mind that you’re not by yourself in this. It’s not unusual for people to experience fear when it comes to participating in the community. Trying to move outside of your comfort zone can be intimidating, but at SHCS, we’ll show you the precise measures you can take to lessen your social anxiety and regain your confidence in social situations.

Therapeutic Supports (0128)

Many participants’ NDIS plans include money for therapeutic supports offered by the NDIS. The phrase “therapeutic supports” refers to a broad range of therapies intended to help NDIS members meet their functional and independent goal-achieving objectives.

You may, for instance, use NDIS-funded therapeutic supports for treatments that enhance your capacity to take care of yourself, move about securely, and engage with your family, friends, colleagues, and the community.

The therapeutic help offered by the NDIS can be provided by a huge variety of qualified providers.

More about NDIS therapeutic supports with Enhance Disability Services

Our goal at Enhance Disability Services is to help persons with disabilities achieve their highest level of independence, health, and quality of life. Working with individuals who have a neurological ailment, an intellectual handicap, or a mental health problem is our main focus.

Dietitians, exercise physiologists, and physiotherapists that are registered with the NDIS make up our team. We employ a multidisciplinary, evidence-based therapeutic approach to make sure you get the best care possible.
Our compassionate and knowledgeable therapists come to you as mobile NDIS service providers. In the most practical and significant setting for you, such as your home, school, place of employment, or gym, we offer our therapeutic supports.

You can begin therapy right immediately because we don’t have any waiting lists.

Here is where you can read more about our services. Talk to our helpful staff about how we may assist you in obtaining NDIS therapeutic supports if your existing plan does not fund them.

Group/Centre Activities (0136)

Living a happy and healthy life requires socialization. Rarely do people with impairments get the chance to socialize. The Advanced Care staff can fix this problem through center and group activities. Additionally, the NDIS program is applicable to this problem.

Group/Centre Activities, NDIS Australia  

Advanced Care’s options are several group programs targeting various interests, regularly adding new activities. Our programs are conducted in a one-to-three ratio, with options for both centre-based and community-based activities.


  • A network of friends and peers is formed naturally 
  • By becoming familiar with your community and its opportunities 
  • By exploring new interests and learning new skills 
  • Increased self-esteem and a feeling of belonging 
  • Participation in education and employment 
  • Ability to live independently